CBW Coffee established in 2019 prides itself in creating a customized coffee experience for its customers sourcing the best quality coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, and, India to name a few.

Located in the state-of-the-art facility in DMCC Coffee Center in Dubai offers world-class infrastructure and services for green coffee storage, processing roasting, education and, delivery of coffee to precise specifications. With a capacity to supply 5,000 containers a month which annually is an equivalent of 20,000 Tonnes of green coffee. This demonstrates the agility to fulfill customer demand, be quick in response to fluctuating forecasts, and maintaining high levels of freshness.

CBW Coffee Trading offers a wide array of products to satisfy every taste:

  • Instant Coffee is locally roasted in both a regular and premium blend, packaged in glass jars.
  • Roasting of specialty coffee suiting the customer’s price point, taste and, consumer demand.
  • The production of Turkish coffee, also suiting the customer price point and consumer taste.
  • Private label production.

CBW Trading is centered on serving the HORECA/B2B channels and customers. With the flexibility in manufacturing and large capacity (in terms of storage and production), this offers the luxury of operating on a Make-To-Order (MTO) basis. This will ensure that our distributing partners will never run out of stock and will not have to constrain their working capital with buffer stocks.


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