Glocal Warming (yes, you read it right)

Sep 23, 2021

Its 2021, where people and business are connected to one another, more than ever. The world seems a lot more woven and tightly intertwined, where there may be little to no reason of knowing what’s happening at the other side of the world.

With a landscape, like the one painted above- brands are racking their brains on how to carve a unique niche across different countries they have or desire to settle in. Where countries in the West enjoy their KitKat flavours in peanut butter or dark chocolate- the countries in the east enjoy their KitKats in green tea, soybean or even wasabi flavours. KitKat has mastered the art of Glocal by retaining their Brand DNA that stays universal, but has adapted itself to appeal to the flavours of the territories it has set its footprints at.

At its essence- its think global, act local. Where most companies falter, is they botch their brand’s potential to achieve international acceptance where they only focus on branding and marketing, possibly to keep costs at a minimum. They sloppily cope-paste strategies across territories with a fresh regional coat of paint to swing by the masses at the territory targeted.

The world has evolved to one that realizes the value being understood on a regional/personal level, over a one-size-fits all solution. The age of glocal warming has come, where if you have not put your ear to the ground to really understand and hear the needs of the consumer- its one that could be the doom of your brand.

The formula of achieving ‘think global, act local’ is not one that’s easy to hone in on. Its an art + science to marry experiences that consumers are positively surprised and delighted with, while also having those experiences stay familiar, approachable and comprehensible.

Trinity thrives in situations like these, where we partner up with our brands and explore the market today as we leverage our cultural know-how in the Middle East. The Middle-Eastern region is a region with a lot of texture, subtleties and nuances that has itself stand out as an island of its own.