Handful is a brand is being manufactured by Van Drunen Farms, a leading producer of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in North America.

A third-generation run business; Van Drunen Farms has operations in the continental United States (with over 7 manufacturing facilities), South America (with a manufacturing facility in Chile), and since 2002 operating in Europe with a manufacturing facility based in Serbia.

Handful is a simple but powerful brand not to be underestimated by its size. Its essence is pure with 100% fruit contained in every pouch with no added sugar, preservatives, GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. Moreover, it comes in a convenient resealable packaging that enables ease of use, maintenance of freshness, and is great for on-the-go purchase.

To satisfy the increasingly health-conscious consumer, it is an ideal replacement for unhealthy snacks, and perfect to ensure fuss-free vitamin intake.

Handful is looking to be present in the retail arena, E-commerce complimented by the HORECA and out-of-home channels like cinemas, schools, petrol stations, gyms, hotels and kids play areas.


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