NUTKAO is one of the leading international chocolate manufacturers.

Headquartered in Italy, they are present in over 80 countries worldwide, boasting a vast range of cocoa and hazelnut products ranging from cold fillings, bake stable and coating creams, chocolate drops and coins as well as ice cream products (toppings and coatings) for both artisanal and industrial use.

NUTKAO’s mission is focused on private label production and customization of recipes and, thanks to their expert R&D team have almost 1000 recipes in their repertoire. This creates a vast choice to suit all price points, channels, customer base and industrial needs.

NUTKAO operates 3 main facilities located in Italy, Ghana and the United States to cater to the rising demand of Chocolate products. Cocoa beans are sustainably sourced in Ghana and transformed into the raw materials and ingredients in their facility there, whilst the hazelnuts are sourced from Italy and Turkey respectively.

Versus the competition, the differentiation that NUTKAO brings to its products represents their competitive edge:

With NUTKAO there is a ‘ton’ of indulgent possibilities

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