Freshly pressed in the UAE, Organic Press is 100% homegrown, established by two brothers wanting to promote a healthier lifestyle through an innovative range of functional juices through innovative blends.

The keyword here is ‘cold-pressed juice’. A technique that significantly retains natural nourishment as compared with traditional juicing methods such as blending. The ingredients are equally unique – handpicked, organic fruits and vegetables. They flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that cleanse, heal and most of all, nurture vitality.

The other keyword is ‘Organic’. You are what you drink as the saying goes! The best for your body would need the best ingredients and this is the core philosophy of Organic Press to deliver on their promise of freshness to the consumer.

Innovative and new, Organic Press is already established in retail and E-Commerce channels. The last frontier is the HORECA and out-of-home channels to further compliment channel expansion plans.


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